Track Listing:

1 Dalai Lama's Mantra

2 Mik Tse Ma (Lama Tsongkhapa)

3 Manjushri's Mantra

Bonus Track: Manjushri's Mantra (Dance Version)

This music was made with the motivation to spread the Buddha's teachings of compassion, love and wisdom throughout the world.

In keeping with this motivation, an intention behind this project is to inspire easterners and westerners, young and old alike, to recite these mantras, and to have an appreciation of their meaning along with an association with the related holy images. Another motivation is to help Tibetan parents motivate their children to recite these mantras. Further, it is my wish to provide access to these holy mantras in a widely appealing manner. In this way, one and all are benefited.

These recordings feature mantras that lie at the heart of the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition and the mantras themselves capture the essence of the great beings they praise: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama - the precious, living Buddha in our midst - whose 80th Birthday, July 6, 2015, this music chiefly celebrates; Lama Tsongkhapa the Founder of one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, i.e., the Gelugpa tradition; and, Guru Manjushri the Great Bodhisattva of Wisdom.

Reciting these mantras with the altruistic spirit to see others free from suffering and come to lasting happiness is said to bring about extraordinary effects culminating in Buddhahood.

Proceeds of this printed CD are dedicated to DNKL Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace (DNKLDharma.org), under the spiritual guidance of monks from Sera Mey Monastery. This Buddhist center draws on the spiritual tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Very special thanks to Tenzin Gocha for his beautiful musical and vocal contributions along with the joy of this great, trans-continental collaboration (myself in Brooklyn and Gocha in Singapore). I am grateful to his warm nature, melodies, instrumentation and performances that capture the spirit of Tibet.

The inception, development and consummation of this project was only possible due to the immeasurable kindness, inspiration and support of my most venerable friend and guide, Vivekan, the Founder of Bodhisattva Yoga, who opened my heart and mind to the Buddha's teachings.

It was from Vivekan’s lips I first heard these mantras, learned of their meaning and was ever even inspired to utter them. It is through Vivekan's tireless example and instruction that I have the good fortune to know of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Je Tsongkhapa and Guru Manjushri, let alone as true sources of inspiration and refuge.

Bringing it full circle, since Bodhisattva Yoga was where my relationship with the altruistic spirit began, I will end this description with Vivekan's special Bodhisattva Yoga Dedication - which concisely captures the ultimate aim behind this music:

May all beings be free from fear, pain and suffering. May all come quickly to health, laughter, joy, prosperity and Supreme Enlightenment. May I help this be so.

May the merit arising as a result of producing this disc and these songs serve as a source of the long life of my teachers, the preservation of the living Dharma, and the liberation of all beings.